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Written by Naoki Ueda   

What is LP-Address?

LP-Address is the location pointer code to express any location of the world, only with 12 letters in 'IP-Address-like' format.


OR8.HB5.DQ6.WE1 Statue of Liberty
OJ4.VH9.HL1.CE5 Tokyo Tower
PK8.LY8.JG6.AC6 London Eye


Advantages of LP-Address

1. Easily Detectable

LP-Address's unique format is easily "Detectable" for a computer with reguler expression pattern.


Because the format, "XYN.XYN.XYN.XYN" itself indicates that is geographic location, tag like "<geo>", "<coord>", or any special indicator is not needed.

Computer can detect LP-Address's format as a "Geo-Location information" and can automatically start a GIS application, such as Map application or Navigator.

For example, Clicking here to run small program. It detect all LP-Address and make it link to GoogleMaps with corresponding location. You can download and use this sample linkify program and libraries(encode/decode program samle).

2. Minimize Human Error

LP-Address is originally designed to prevent irrevocable mistake in emergency situations such as disaster relief, search and rescue, etc. In another word, NOT to go to different place.

Human brain is not good at handling random texts nor random numbers, including latitude and longitude coordinate numbers.

"The location of SOS signal is latitude 40.69765 North and longitude 125.10456 West.

On the other hand, human brain is very good at pattern recognition. In fact, our brain try to find a pattern even if there is no pattern on something.

"The location of SOS signal is 'OR8.DQ4.HB5.WE4' ".

Did you find any pattern?

LP-Address has a format of "Letter, Letter, Number", and it generate a rhythm.

The Rhythm of LP-Address

Our brain use this rhythm, and it minimize human error in listening, reading, writing, typing, or any human-related activities. .

In addition, 'O' or '0', 'I' or '1', are never be confused because the position of letter or number are fixed in format. So, looks like 'OOO' must be 'O,O,Zero', '|||' must be 'I, I, One'.


Encode/Decode Demo

Encode:  Lat&Lon -- Encode --> LP-Address
Decode: LP-Address -- Decode --> Lat&Lon

LP-Address with Map Demo


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